New Porcelain Stoneware From Cotto D’Este

Serie Cadore

Porcelain Stoneware 14mm and 2 cm Thickness.

Serie X- Beton (Concrete Surface)

Porcelain Stoneware 14mm Thickness.

Serie Cluny

Cluny is the new Cotto d’Este collection which offers all the intense mineral beauty of the typical stone of Burgundy in six impressive colours: from dark grey to a luminous magnolia. Cluny captures all the natural charm of a historically important stone on extra-thick porcelain stoneware: extra large tiles that are always perfectly flat, beautiful, resistant and antibacterial (thanks to integrated Microban technology. Porcelain Stoneware 14mm Thickness.

KERLITE Forest (Essence of Wood)

Forest is the new wood-effect made in Kerlite. Thanks to the 5.5 thickness (Kerlite 5Plus), the surface reveals details that are particularly realistic, such as the differences in roughness and texture that are typical of aged and hand-planed wood. Edge grinding guarantees perfectly wedge slabs that can be installed in the most accurate manner [possible to achieve a striking final appearance.

Acero, Cembo, Noce and Rovere (Maple,Pinus Cembra, Walnut and Oak) are the four types of wood selected for this rustic and natural project. The timeless simplicity of the design and the large sizes of the Forest series blend perfectly with contemporary settings.

KERLITE Metal (Metallic Slabs)
Serie Plein Air

Plein Air is the collection dedicated to lovers of outdoor life, full body porcelain stoneware in four colours to match with any environment: from traditional porphyry red to charcoal grey, from light beige to luminous grey. Available in two thicknesses, the traditional 14 mm and the new ultra thick 20 mm. Unequalled technical performances guarantee an unlimited life and no breakage problems: an exceptional resistance to breaking loads makes the surface safely transitable (when applied to a screed with adhesive). It is also non-slip, frost-proof, resistant to thermal shocks, mildew, staining and to the corrosive action of salt; it is easy to clean and colour-fast. AVAILABLE IN THE 20MM AND 14MM THICK VERSIONS.

Serie Stone Quartz

Stone quartz is porcelain stoneware inspired by quartzite of which it recaptures the typical texture in three colours: off-white, luminous grey and warm beige. It offers two finishe the Patinata, which is smooth and soft and has an elegant waxy appearance and the Fiammata, characterized by a boldly mineral appearance and by the typical roughness of flamed stone, especially designed for exterior environments. Stone quartz is available in two thicknesses: 14 mm and 20 mm, which is only available in the Fiammata version.

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