Jamco Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), a division of Jamco Trading and Contracting, provides electro-mechanical products and services, such as HV electrical works, electrical LV networks, lightning protection systems and other solutions for the Qatari market.


The division has been established in 2006, when existing customers of Jamco Trading and Contracting started inquiring about the availability of electro-mechanical services. What originally started as mainly add on services to the existing projects in private villas, over the years has grown to become a solid business that caters to commercial and industrial projects as well.

The division goes beyond the usual service expectations by showcasing high standards in quality and safety and continuously adapting innovative ideas while providing value-added services. Jamco MEP is committed to excellence through investment in highly skilled people along with up to date technology, equipment and facilities.

Jamco MEP continuously adapts to changing industry and market conditions while bringing to life its core values of high ethical standards, and commitment to excellence without compromising safety and quality. Jamco MEP has maintained an accident-free environment by providing maximum protection for all while minimizing potential risks and losses to employees, property, and general public.

In its 10 years of existence in the market, Jamco MEP has earned a positive reputation from internationally renowned consultants, architects and clients for its ability to deliver high quality design, engineering, procurement, and skilled workmanship in a timely manner.