Caesar products are synonymous with high quality Italian porcelain stoneware manufactured using selected raw materials that make products totally absorbent, resistant to abrasion and extremely durable. Available in 28 sizes and 300 colors with exclusive finishes, the Caesar range of products are designed to make surfaces come alive.

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CottoD’Este porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles are defined by beauty and quality. The product range is available in seven finishes: soft, glass, grip, lux, matt, silk and patinata. Products are guaranteed to stay in perfect condition for up to 20 years and are suitable both for renovating old buildings and for new residential, commercial or public buildings.

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Ergon porcelain stoneware is known for being modern, simple and sophisticated. The Ergon range of products also includes solutions for raised flooring and ventilated façades, using fine vitrified stoneware slabs capable of complying with the most stringent technical specifications to create extraordinary spaces.

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Cerdomus vitrified stoneware tiles are known for setting trends in contemporary interior design offering products which are at the vanguard of technology. They are long-lasting, and resistant to extreme atmospheric conditions and chemical products. Furthermore these products are ideal for use in sterile environments as they do not absorb odours from smoke or fumes from paint and other contaminant substances.

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La Faenza Ceramica


La Faenza Ceramica flooring and facings such as double-fired tiles, single firing, glazed porcelain stoneware and full body porcelain are the most advanced aesthetic solutions that are highly flex, graze, scratch, weather and chemical agent resistant and have a very low porosity.

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Viva provides ceramic products focused on innovative design. Viva was chosen twice by the IIDA (Italian Industrial Design Association) as a candidate for the Golden Compass, the most authoritative design award in the world. This was a first of its kind of nomination in the ceramics industry. In 2007, Viva joined the Emil ceramica Group for a wider market reach.

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ASCOT specializes in ceramic floor and wall tiles. ASCOT collections pander to the numberless requirements of the building trade, architectural design and town planning and offer a full range of formats, color shades, accessories, special pieces and patterns inspired by the most classic tradition or resembling natural stone. Three different technologies guarantee that the material complies with the required performance parameters: the through-body dyed porcelain provides the outmost strength and can be used universally; the porcelain stoneware combines strength with an attractive finish while the Bitech® porcelain underscores the elegance and beauty of Italian style.

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