BOBRICK Improvements To Automatic Roll Towel Dispenser Family

Bobrick announces a significant improvement in the design of our Universal Automatic Roll Towel Dispenser family of products (B-2974, B-29744, B-3974, B-39747 and B-3979). The new Automatic Roll Towel Dispensers are now equipped with a LED light that clearly directs the user to the intuitive towel activation zone, eliminating annoying hand waving frustrations. In addition to the improved user-friendliness, the patent pending smart activation technology allows maintenance staff to easily identify service needs through the new indicator LED light.

Green: Ready to dispense
Orange: Low batteries, if operated using batteries
Red: Maintenance required

Bobrick’s stainless steel Universal Automatic Roll Towel Dispensers allow building owners and tenants in high-traffic environments to reduce consumable paper and paper towel dispenser maintenance costs while avoiding the mix of plastic and stainless steel products in their restrooms.

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