BOBRICK B-3725 Recessed Hand Dryer

NEW B-3725 Recessed Hand Dryer , officially launching in early-2017, this model features a sleek, modern design with a one-piece type 304 stainless steel door. The B-3725 is the only dryer available with a 150 mm deep hand drying alcove that fully encloses patron’s hands along with a water absorbent surface that captures dripping water. The unit has a 50 mm protrusion from the wall for accessibility compliance and clean design. The B-3725 reinforces Bobrick’s commitment to reduction in noise and sustainability, by featuring a low sound level of 70 dBA and a power rating of 1000 watts without compromising high performance. It is also equipped with a smart intuitive LED light that flashes green when the dryer is ready for use

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